Thursday, April 28, 2011

Orientation Day 2

Second day of the orientation. Hmm... Should I go?? Yes I went because of the timetable which I can't excess to yesterday. After settling all that, I went to the MPH when everyone is out for games. YES!! :) I'm free from their childish game today xD 

Well, being there is of course boring so I went to look around the uni by myself. After seeking some stuff there, I decided to go to the library to have a look where is the books of my course will be placed. I'm lucky to get it straight within 5 minutes inside the library :) since I still have plenty of time till I can go home, I found a book of food science to study. I was so happy when I saw many molecules inside the book. Chemistry!!! Then I started missing Randy :( my lab partner. I miss how we fight on chemistry issue the last time. I miss how we set up our experiment so neat and fast. I miss yelling his name Randy Ng. Well, life has to go on. I'll just say, I'll never forget that Randy!! 

Time passes fast where I need to walk out alone for lunch. I look around as I walk to see what can I eat the next time. After lunch then is time to wait for the shutter bus. I'm glad that the bus is already there when I reach. The bus is so full that I've no choice to sit beside a guy. Then suddenly he talks to me :) there goes my 1st friend today :) his name is Mason who is taking foundation in science. Here goes my day at uni. 

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