Thursday, April 28, 2011

Orientation Day 2

Second day of the orientation. Hmm... Should I go?? Yes I went because of the timetable which I can't excess to yesterday. After settling all that, I went to the MPH when everyone is out for games. YES!! :) I'm free from their childish game today xD 

Well, being there is of course boring so I went to look around the uni by myself. After seeking some stuff there, I decided to go to the library to have a look where is the books of my course will be placed. I'm lucky to get it straight within 5 minutes inside the library :) since I still have plenty of time till I can go home, I found a book of food science to study. I was so happy when I saw many molecules inside the book. Chemistry!!! Then I started missing Randy :( my lab partner. I miss how we fight on chemistry issue the last time. I miss how we set up our experiment so neat and fast. I miss yelling his name Randy Ng. Well, life has to go on. I'll just say, I'll never forget that Randy!! 

Time passes fast where I need to walk out alone for lunch. I look around as I walk to see what can I eat the next time. After lunch then is time to wait for the shutter bus. I'm glad that the bus is already there when I reach. The bus is so full that I've no choice to sit beside a guy. Then suddenly he talks to me :) there goes my 1st friend today :) his name is Mason who is taking foundation in science. Here goes my day at uni. 

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Orientation Day 1

Today is my 1st day orientation. I don't feel like going and not exited at all as it is not what I want. I went there late while the orientation even started an hour late. The worst part is that their and the orientation is a total lame!! Stupid presentation and childish game. Besides that, I sweat in their MPH!!! What kind of uni is this to allow people to sweat in an air conditioned room?? Oh I just hate this uni...

On the other hand, I made some friendly friend from sunway college, Ausmat. Sabrina my 1st close friend there and course mate. Another one was her friend which did not talk much to me where I can't really remember her name too =P well, I believe as time passes, I'll get used to this environment and I really hope that everything I've done for this is a worth :) 

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Life sucks

Another new friend of mine during this event job, Wen Xiang. I guess he'll be every girls ideal boyfriend. From only pictures of his in fb I can see that how much he loves and is attached to her. Such a lovely couple. While envying his girlfriend I'm having problems with my relationship. 

Well, he did not pop out as what I really wish for and he doesn't know what really cause me to be like that these few days. I'm really down with this problem these days, thinking of a solution and yet he got mad at me. He even burst out the word break up. Here comes another problem with no end. 

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Hard day

Mom's mood swing today is really bad =\ each time she comes home, she scolds about everything that hits her mind. Well unfortunately, I'm the victim since my youngest brother got to go to school early for house practice while the other brother got to stay back for some school activity. Life's like this, I feel so much worst then a maid today. Get scolding from my mam and a little hitting and poking on head which is really annoying as I'm not suppose to be a MAID >< 

Well, as a daughter, I'll always be really mad for only a while and get going with the helping. I'm not LAZY at all!!! Just careless and maybe forgetful >< 

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Motherhood Expo

Finally, my first expo job is done.
It's fun working there as there are tons of baby to play with.
Well, there are 2 males and 2 females including me.
Sammy, She is really friendly. Most importantly, we get to chat along very well xD
Daniel, the superman xD Our top sales. He sold the most card among us.
Zack, our supervisor. He is really nice and a funny guy.
I really enjoyed working with them. =D

Monday, March 14, 2011

6 Malls in a day xD

It's a WHAO day...
I can't believe I just went into 6 malls in a day...
Fahrenheit 88, Pavillion, a old 'cacat' mall, Sungai wang, Mid valley and The Gardens.
Well, its tiring but I had a lot of fun with Elaine ^^
Love you!!!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Friends forever :)

Well, here is the day...
A day with only 3 of us, having so much fun.
Being a fool, playing and enjoying so much.
I love the necklace so much -- BEST.FRIEND.FOREVER <3
I love the T-shirt we own together -- A LIMITED EDITION of us
Aww... I just love you guys so much!!!
Saranghae chingu yo <3